Context of the novel

Context of the novel "amazing son in law."

This novel consists of 50 chapters. It is about a person who marries and lives in his wife's family, and his wife considers him a loser. His wife degrades him occasionally, and his mother-in-law dislikes him. Because he lives in the house of his wife's family, Emiissmx writes this novel. The author has stated that Rylan receives no respect from his wife's family. However, he is a nice person. Let's discuss the details of the book" the amazing son in law."

Chapter 1

There is a sculpture shop in the city j, and a young man inspects the emerald sculpture. His clothes look to be bought from a second-hand shop. All the people are looking at him in disgrace, and it is obvious that he does not belong in this place. Suddenly something else caught their attention. There is a dark brown Bentley, and five black Mercedes are before it. All of them stopped at the shop. Some bodyguards are helping the older man get off from the car. The old gentleman is dressed decently and walking towards the shop. The old gentleman saw the young man there. His face was filled with joy after seeing him.

Although the young man looked like a servant, the older man showed respect for the young man and said to him and said that Albert's family needs him as they need a decision-maker. All the people there were shocked because of how the gentleman talked to him. Rylan told the gentleman what he could do as he was only an outcast. The young man added I don't want fame and gain. After the conversation, he took the jade sculpture and left. The older man is giving a worried look. After coming back home, Rylan sees his mother-in-law sitting on the sofa. Her name is Adeline palmer. She gave a murderous look to him. She asked him where he was and looked at him in disgust. Rylan replied that the market was away, and he came on foot. A tall woman walked in by pushing the door. She is wearing a black business suit. A tight black skirt with socks too. Her figure is good, and her legs are straight and slender. Her name is Emelia, and he is the nominal wife of Rylan. Emelia asked Rylan what is he doing there. He should be cooking. After three years of marriage, Rylan has bought humiliation from them. Emelia is already used to it. Emelia added all the people laughed at us. Adelina got furious, and she wished to slap him in the face. Emelia asked adrenaline if she had given him the money to buy groceries from the market as her mother had asked him to do the household duties. Although Emelia dislikes Rylan, it was Adeline's mistake at that time.


If you want to know what happened between those three and the reaction of Adeline and Emelia, you can read the whole book online by visiting the Novel Cat website.